The relationship between a newspaper and its audience is critical. Not only will students and faculty judge a book by its cover, or in our case a newspaper by page one, but they will have preconceived notions about what they should expect before they even have a chance to lay eyes on the front cover. It’s akin to expecting something from an author before reading the book. But in our case, there are around 30 authors, and we have to make sure every member in our community is prepared to properly digest and grapple with each of the thousands of words those thirty authors produce every time a paper is released.

The ReMarker

For students and faculty around campus to get something out of The ReMarker each time they see one, they have to understand the paper, its standards and the staff before even picking it up. While among students this comes with time — as the first paper they pick up, whether in Lower, Middle or Upper School will be as good as the last they read during their time at 10600 Preston Rd — this isn’t necessarily the case with teachers. We often take samples of our work to new teachers, particularly new administrators, to show them The ReMarker and everything it offers to the school community.

The Press Run: Our reach, both on and off campus

  • 877 students: We provide one copy for each student in Upper, Middle and Lower School.

  • 168 faculty and staff: We print one copy for every faculty and staff member.

  • 2540 alumni: The Advancement Office requests we print copies to send to alumni all across the country and internationally.

  • 60 exchanges: We have relationships with between 50 and 60 schools with whom we exchange publications each month.

  • 55 Board of Trustees members: Copies are sent to all Board of Trustees members at the request of the headmaster.

  • 100 archives: We reserve copies for archival purposes and reference throughout the year, and at year’s end, we have 20-25 copies permanently bound for senior staff members and for our own archives.

    Total circulation: approximately 3800 copies

a new remarker

This summer, we began not knowing in what direction we would take The ReMarker. Previous years’ students had simply redesigned the paper, but we wanted to do something more with it. So not only did we change the design, but for the first time in years, we went for something different with the tried and true section titles. News became Issues. And Life was split into Culture and 10600, each representing different stories. Sports is the only section that stayed the same.

Click the pages to enlarge them.

The Old: An example of a cover, an upfront and an interior page from 2017-2018

The New: An example of a cover, the agenda and an interior page from 2018-2019

This year, we reinvented the folio and now juxtapose a light sans serif font with a heavy serif font for the headlines. The format also allows for full-page photos or for a cover secondary.

This year, we got rid of our upfront pages, instead choosing to condense them into one page, the agenda. As a result, we have two extra pages that can now be used for content.

This year, each of our pages is divided into twelve columns, and nearly every page will have a white rail. This enables captions and pull quotes (as seen above) to function as design elements while eliminating clutter and providing a more reader-centered design.

Across the Globe:

The AirlineGeeks Instagram profile.

As an online publication without school affiliation, has the opportunity to expand in more ways than a paper like The ReMarker, and I have worked to be an integral part of that. In 2018, the website totaled over 5.6 million page views with over 1.3 million different users. Those figures represent substantial growth over the year before, meaning outreach to new audiences continues to be a hugely important part of the business.

the social side

One of the places in which I have contributed most to AirlineGeeks outside from my duties as a writer and photographer lie in social media, particularly Instagram. The AirlineGeeks Instagram account, for which I am a regular contributor and continue to help shape strategy, is growing at around 250 followers each week, and that rate continues to increase as we look to surpass 25,000 followers before our massive AAviationDay event, which takes place in mid-August each year.

View the profile on Instagram

Click on each of the images below to view more information regarding the account and its growth.

I’ve also done extensive work with my own aviation photography Instagram page, @DallasFortWorthSpotter. After creating the page in ninth grade, I’ve grown it to over 17,000 followers today, featuring entirely my own photography and interviews. For more information on it and the growth strategies I’ve created and utilized to build my following, see the Web page or visit the profile here.

Endzone Sports Magazine: Creating a New Brand

One of the key facets of the success of The ReMarker has been innovation, the ability and desire to try new things in an attempt to give all of our readers something new every time they open a newspaper on campus.

One of the ways we’ve done this is through our supplementary publications. A few years ago, the staff created Focus Magazine, which started as a single magazine on President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas and the rifts it left 50 years later. But over the course of the past five years, that has evolved, and now Focus is a twice-yearly in-depth single-topic package that has given us a vehicle through which to cover topics such as gay rights, the Dallas police shootings and others.

So last year, along with a former sports editor, I helped to create Endzone Sports Magazine, the first ReMarker publication that could be dedicated entirely to sports, which was already the most widely-read section of a typical ReMarker newspaper.

The cover of the 2018 ENDZONE Sports Magazine, the first ever produced.

We spend the entire year discussing fonts, design elements and the approach we wanted to take with the new magazine. After dozens of cover and interior page design ideas are considered, we finally settled on the design, philosophy and content. And when the week before Commencement rolled around — on the last day seniors were on campus — we released the first Endzone Sports Magazine to much acclaim around campus.

To see the magazine in its entirety, visit the Design page.