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The third question in my first interview ever was, “When she passed away, what did her death mean to you?”

I was sitting across from a classmate, one of my closest friends, who just a couple months before had lost his mother to pancreatic cancer. A few questions later, I sat back and listened as he began to tell the most from-the-heart, emotion-inducing story I had ever heard a high-schooler tell.

“It was like she was there, but she wasn’t really there,” he began, seemingly holding back a few tears as he talked about his experience while his mom was in hospice care.

I sat back and listened, by the end barely holding back tears of my own, thinking. Not thinking about my questions or the interview, but about Colton. About his story. About his experiences. 

What he went through is the type of experience nobody — much less a teenager — should have to go through. But there he was, sharing that heartbreaking moment with me, putting the most difficult time of his life in my hands, trusting me to tell his story — and his mom’s — the right way.

I was just a freshman. But I went home that night. I transcribed relentlessly, and I wrote. That was my beginning.


And now, more than 150 stories later, I still find myself reliving that interview and rewriting that story in my head as I begin to dream up, research for and create each new piece, trying to tell the stories of those around me.

As managing editor of The ReMarker and senior writer for, my task has not only been to tell my story, but to work with dozens of others to tell theirs. That experience, which still gives me chills of infinite possibility every time I sit down in front of a blank page, has become who I am. I don’t just write to tell the news. I’m diving into the timelessness of storytelling — one word at a time.

—Parker Davis, Managing Editor of The ReMarker

Great stories happen to those who can tell them.
— Ira Glas



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