Oftentimes, stories aren’t best told through just written word, especially as technology and innovation become increasingly ingrained in the typical journalist’s and consumer’s mindsets. Although The ReMarker, its accompanying publications — Focus Magazine and Endzone Sports Magazine — and AirlineGeeks.com are all comprised entirely of written content and photos, I always look for ways to dive into a topic beyond just a simple story.


The first logo and social media profile image for “Inside the Airlines.”

The second logo and social media profile image for “Inside the Airlines.”

The second logo and social media profile image for “Inside the Airlines.”

Over the course of the past two years, I, along with the editor-in-chief AirlineGeeks.com and a mutual flight attendant friend, created the Inside The Airlines podcast, a weekly broadcast that aired live on Facebook and YouTube and was later available on all those platforms in addition to SoundCloud and iTunes.

In each episode, we’d present quick hits of that week’s aviation news before diving into a deeper discussion on an issue that had plagued the airline industry in some way, shape or form in the few days leading up to our broadcast. Often, that meant bringing in a seasoned veteran of the industry (a Boeing 747 pilot, air traffic controller and flight attendant lead, just to name a few) to provide the always needed expert perspective.

The podcast is meant to be organic and casual, featuring unfiltered opinions on topics as divisive as inflight entertainment systems (should they be in seat-backs or should we have to stream everything?) and the expansion of the Gulf Carriers, while simultaneously promoting audience discussion and participation for those who tune in live. Often, however, that discussion would stem from articles I had written or edited in the week prior, meaning I was always ready to defend my position.

Reliving the Moment: Sixteen Years On From Sept. 11, 2001

Our 9/11 tribute episode, featuring interviews from american airlines employees at washington dulles Airport.

We created a special pre-recorded and edited 9/11 episode in 2017 with some of the American Airlines employees who had sent flight 77 off that morning, shaking hands and locking eyes with the 53 passengers — and five hijackers — who would die when their flight crashed into the Pentagon just a few hours later. Sixteen years on from that tragic day, that morning was still fresh in their minds. And while I was only six months old when it happened, the sights, sounds and even smells from those interviews are still vividly implanted in mind. For more on the interview process in this podcast, see the News Gathering page.

Sample Episodes from Inside The Airlines


IN THIS EPISODE, we took a broader look at airline system issues through the lens of an analysis article i had just written.

IN THIS EPIsode, we devoted our entire episode to interviewing a Boeing 747 cargo pilot, who flies for taiwan-based eva air.


The "Inside the Airlines” iTunes page, featuring our ten most popular or recent episodes.


More episodes are available on the Soundcloud page and through searching “Inside the Airlines” on iTunes.

Supplemental Videos

Because The ReMarker is only a print publication, we aren’t afforded the opportunities to expand beyond articles and photos to tell a story. But when the rare opportunity arises, I always bring my camera, tripod and microphone to my interviews, hoping to capture a piece of the story that cannot be told through words alone.

Below is a video I created as a supplement to the cover story of the February newspaper, which we used to address the question of why graduates of our school tend to take private sector jobs over public service-oriented positions, despite our school’s emphasis on character and leadership education. In order to add more to the piece, I interviewed the wrestling head coach, who graduated from St. Mark’s in 1987 and retired just two years ago after nearly three decades in the U.S. Army.