Sample Beats

College Counseling

December 2018

  • Thursday, Nov. 1, is the early action/early decision deadline for most schools in the U.S., so the counselors are totally swamped.

  • But by the time the paper comes out, early decisions for many private colleges and universities will have been released, and students that still need/want to apply will be very focused on meeting the January 1-5 deadline that is the almost universal regular decision deadline.

  • Then the college counselors will move on to the juniors.

  • Also on early decision, many schools have extended their deadline as a result of the hurricanes, and while most of the schools are doing that only for students who apply from the affected areas, a few are doing it across the board.

October 2018

  • First deadlines are Oct. 15 when six schools have early stuff do. Then Nov. 1 is the big deadline, so they will be swamped over the course of the next month. Seniors also had to turn in the first draft of everything Sept. 18

  • They still have reps from colleges visiting almost every day, but nobody else “special” will be coming.

Chapel Council

December 2018

  • 8th graders just did their chapel last week. They did everything with some help

  • 7th graders are up next

  • LS → 4th graders probably in a little bit in conjunction with teachers

  • Interfaith Panel

    • Still in very early phases….representative from lots of different religious communities (rabbi, imam, etc.) have panel and talk about current issues and stances on them, like different paths to manhood in all of their traditions. Hoping to have it later this year, but honestly have no idea

  • Diwali chapel is next week...more student readers and ideally a guest speaker, though that will be last-minute as they haven’t lined one up yet

November 2018

  • Senior Father-Son chapel coming up later this month when sophomores and juniors are taking the PSAT

  • Having Lower Schoolers, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders running their own chapel services (pick hymns, prayers, they talk, etc.). They did it for LS last year and are picking it up again and expanding it to MS

  • No other guest speakers planned for this month, though “sometimes those are a little more last minute.” Another “big thing” that they couldn’t yet talk about, so expect a somewhat important chapel announcement coming soon

  • Worship book project is coming along well. Some of the stuff that we did in the first chapel service are things they’re looking to keep in the new book, but there may be more new things coming over the next couple weeks. No exact timeline.

Athletic Department

February 2018

  • Mentioned the new JV baseball coach (see below). Also the new tennis coach (already done a brief one her)

  • Going to be going down this weekend to SPC to see how they can do. Teams in the fall had a good showing across the board, so he’s hoping this season teams can match that

  • The transition period is always more strenuous. Kids come in and want to change their sport, etc., and new coaches have to get acclimated and always have coaches. Scheduling for preseason is also difficult - for example, lacrosse always has to practice late because of soccer. Tough, but they get through it and into spring pretty quickly

December 2017

  • Not able to name a new tennis coach yet

  • Fall season – pleased with performance, but to him, it’s really not about that. What it’s about to him is having boys participating across all sports and being able to see each team grow as a whole as the players grow individually. Feels he saw that across the board this season

  • Quote about winter season: “My goals would be the same as any other season. I want as many boys as possible to have positive experiences in athletics. If the boys are growing through the process of participation in athletics than that’s the ultimate accomplishment. The wins and losses are all components of this process so we need them both, but it’s always nice if we have more wins than losses.”

Strength and Conditioning

December 2017

Fall Season

  • Program yielded success, but that is because of the players, not Dilworth. He didn’t have to go chase people around and tell them to work out, but they came to him ready to work and ready to get better. The success is evident, too, as their willingness to get better has allowed them to succeed

Winter Season

  • Winter is all about transition, including the transition into the middle part of the year and helping athletes who play two sports (in fall and spring) transition between the two seasons. Athletes will keep maintaining their skills, pushing to get stronger and prep for the lacrosse, baseball, and other sports, just as they do in other seasons